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Since the discovery more than 50 years ago of typeWJV|www.wjgnetMay 12, 2013|Volume two|Concern 2|Audsley MD et al . Paramyxovirus innate immune evasioninterferons (IFNs) because the principal mediators of mammalian innate antiviral responses, it has develop into increasingly evident that infection by viruses is determined by the capacity to counteract host cell IFN responses. Viruses have evolved diverse methods to antagonise IFN responses, usually by hijacking and modifying cellular regulatory pathways via the activity of specific viral IFN-antagonist proteins. Among the best-studied viruses in this respect will be the paramyxoviruses, which include established human pathogens for instance measles virus (MeV) and mumps virus (MuV), and emerging zoonotic viruses including the henipaviruses Nipa.