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Es, into promotes a shift from linear to and transdisciplinary A transdisciplinarybe takenand itaccount [106]. Multidisciplinary circular considering [116].are two levels of interdisciplinarity [12022]. Although interdisciplinary perspectives [117] and systematic approach involves taking a look at difficulties from differentresearchers cling to their languages, ideas and mythologies, transdisciplinary researchers integrate techniques, defining a boundary for the technique to recognize its elements [118,119]. In addition, the approaches, and interactions between the method new language, system and notion relationships concepts and languages and produce a components really should be emphasized. to resolve the problem [123,124]. A transdisciplinary strategy allows the researcher to break There are actually several strategies, perspectives and theories which can be utilised to analyze the by means of silos and resolve associated issues, however it disciplines to synthesize the technologies energy system and cross the boundaries betweenis important[125,126]. via an interdisciplinary method inside a life cycle viewpoint to discover the relationship and interaction between the barriers and unique stakeholders [18,19]. Energy method is usually a socio-technical method. This implies that so as to resolve energy troubles, notJ. Mar. Sci. Eng. 2021, 9,aspects must be regarded, and, instead of one-dimensional thinking, the interdisciplinary method must be taken into account [106]. Multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary are two levels of interdisciplinarity [12022]. Even though interdisciplinary researchers cling to their languages, concepts and mythologies, transdisciplinary researchers integrate strategies, approaches, ideas and languages and develop a brand new language, approach and notion 9 of 25 to resolve the problem [123,124]. A transdisciplinary method allows the researcher to break by way of silos and cross the boundaries involving disciplines [125,126].MNITMT site Figure 2. Categorization of important barriers inside the shipbuilding industry. Resource; [12,22,32,33,38,44,69,71,74,106,12732]. Figure two. Categorization of key barriers within the shipbuilding business. Resource; [12,22,32,33,38,44,69,71,74,106,12732].three.3. Create a Holistic, Systematic and Interdisciplinary Framework A conceptual holistic, systematic and transdisciplinary framework is proposed, based on DMs’ priorities and on the feedback procedure. Figure 3 shows the approach of identifying and ranking the power efficiency barriers primarily based around the DMs’ preferences, which consist of 5 important measures, namely “goal formation”, “system analyzing”, “scenario construction”, “PX-478 web multi-criteria selection creating (MCDM) assessment” and “strategy formation”.J. Mar. Sci. Eng. 2021, 9, 1113 J. Mar. Sci. Eng. 2021, 9,ten of 25 11 ofFigure 3. Transdisciplinary strategy to design and style and create the framework. Figure three. Transdisciplinary approach to style and develop the framework.3.three.1.The framework begins with “goal formation”. At this stage, based around the priorities Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Course of action (FAHP) and interests of the decision3 and shown in Figure 3, theefficiency measures,usedbarriers As discussed in Section makers with regards to power FAHP approach was the to deare classifiedweight of disciplines. Nonetheless, criteria. Triangular fuzzy quantity (TFN) termine the into five principal disciplines and according to stakeholders’ interests, the disciplines might transform. demonstrates by three numbers of A = (, , ); as a, b and c are lowest prospective value, Inside the second step, “system analysis”, the value fuz.