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Polluting traditional production strategies to CFT8634 Epigenetics low-polluting ecological production strategies. Secondly, the
Polluting classic production procedures to low-polluting ecological production procedures. Secondly, the awareness of consequences and ascription of duty have a substantial good effect on farmers’ OFABs by means of their individual norms. This shows, to a certain extent, that farmers’ awareness of consequences and ascription of responsi-Land 2021, ten,15 ofbility can substantially market the transformation of agricultural production methods from standard high-consumption production procedures to sustainable low-consumption production Cholesteryl sulfate sodium approaches by improving private norms. Thirdly, farmers’ social norms have a positive regulating impact on the connection among individual norms and OFABs. This also shows, to a certain extent, that ecological environmental satisfaction can market the transformation of agricultural production procedures from classic high-input production methods to effective low-input production strategies. Determined by the above conclusions, this study offers the following policy enlightenment: (1) We should vigorously enhance farmers’ awareness of consequences and ascription of responsibility. Farmers’ awareness of consequences and ascription of duty can market the transformation and optimization of farmers’ agricultural production techniques. This approach is conducive to achieving the transformation and upgrading of farmers’ agricultural production activities to sustainable, ecological, and environmentally friendly agriculture and may properly alleviate agricultural ecological environmental issues. In the future, the government should really further strengthen the construction of different ecoenvironmental protection organizations, guide and encourage farmers to participate in eco-environmental protection organizations, and strengthen the environmental awareness and environmental protection awareness of farmers’ family members, in order to encourage farmers to choose environmentally friendly production methods. (two) The impact of your awareness of consequences and ascription of responsibility on farmers’ private norms really should be enhanced. Grassroots government and agricultural technologies departments should ascribe full value towards the part of publicity and guidance, boost the publicity of rural ecological and environmental protection activities, and offer the vital technical guidance and education. These actions could not only raise farmers’ awareness of chemical fertilizers causing environmental pollution but could also promote farmers’ awareness of environmentally friendly production practices (e.g., utilizing organic fertilizers on the land). The government should really increase investment in rural simple education, improve the awareness of the responsibility of rural residents when it comes to environmental protection, comprehensively enhance farmers’ awareness of ecological environmental protection, and after that guide and encourage farmers to adopt OFABs. (3) The degree of farmers’ social norms need to be improved. The government should really carry out vigorous publicity work regarding the ecological protection of cultivated land, strengthen the ecological norms of farmers, and make them aware of the positive externalities in the ecological environmental protection of cultivated land. These steps will improve farmers’ awareness and satisfaction using the improvement within the ecological atmosphere brought about by environmentally friendly production behaviors. Celebration members, village cadres, and farmers with strong environmental a.