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Ganda straight connected to the Medici along with the Vatican under a series of Tuscan popes vaunted the Pacowie because the “Pazzi in Lithuania.” This positioned the loved ones and Lithuania as north-easternmost bastion on the Roman Church and in some cases successor to antique Roman imperium, such that the Pazzi acowie legend might be deemed “a particular outgrowth of papal diplomacy within this region” (Baniulyte 2012, p. 26).26 When Bishop Pac’s father Stefan Pac traveled by means of Italy in 1624625, he received an audience with the Florentine Pope Urban VIII, where he was accepted as a relative with the Florentine Pazzi: “When I kissed him, the pope told me that he was glad of my origins as a member with the Florentine family members Signori Pazzi . . . and I did not contradict him.” (Baniulyte 2012, p. 30).27 three. It Was the Polar Winds Which have Led Me for the Conquest in the Sacred Treasure: St. Kazimierz and His Relics in between Vilnius and Florence It was the Polar Winds that have led me to the conquest in the sacred Treasure that is the longed-for relic from the saintly King [sic] Casimiro, with which I already see myself rewarded, when I’ll row my vessel through the danger of a thousand difficult obstacles and abysses prior to arriving at its possession. My heart cannot locate words to express the joy that flooded my soul upon opening the message from Vilnius [ . . . ] from whence comes to me such a precious and inestimableReligions 2021, 12,eight ofgift [ . . . ] I now remain within a state of most joyous righteous impatience, as I hope for the venerable Relic . . . . 28 Framed with rhetoric entangling period notions of Counter-Reformation religiosity, holy crusade, classical maritime epic, nautical conquest, and cultural geography, this passage expressed the exultation and anticipation of Tuscan Grand Duke Cosimo III de’ Medici (1642723). Cosimo was the penultimate patriarch of a dynasty that had dominated peninsular politics for two and also a half centuries, and given that 1670, he was ruler from the historical territory on the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, a Habsburg imperial fief covering significantly of westcentral Italy.29 Cosimo composed this triumphant paean upon receiving a dispatch from Vilnius in 1677 using the news that immediately after almost five years of petitions and negotiations, a relic from Sarmatian Prince St. Kazimierz Jagiellonczyk (rendered in Italian as Casimiro in the grand duke’s letter) would finally be granted to him. Even so, this valuable treasure would only finally arrive in Florence almost two years later, in the turn on the new year 1678679.30 The relic and its precious containers came largely due to the intercession of Mikolaj Stefan Pac, the newly appointed Bishop of Vilnius. The Pacowie (or Pac) dominated Lithuanian politics within the latter seventeenth century and their rise to preeminence within the Baltic ran parallel that from the Medici in Italy (Codello 1970; Baniulyte 2009).31 By the 1660s, the family had turn into the Polish ithuanian King’s major political allies and held all vital positions in Lithuanian government (Kotljarchuk 2006, pp. 2712 and ff.; Frost 1993, pp. 800). Their ascendancy inside the Rzeczpospolita was attended and fueled by concurrent rapprochement and alliances JMS-053 Epigenetic Reader Domain together with the papal court in Rome and Italian courts which include HX531 manufacturer Medicean Tuscany.32 The multivalent rhetoric of Cosimo’s triumphant letter need to be read against the fact that within the preceding century, Nuncio Ferreri’s mission inside the north also entailed negotiating peace with the Teutonic Order who had a lengthy.