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reviewcoaching individuals for the duration of pulmonary function testing a sensible guideHeidi J Cheung MHS RRT CRE RCPTP, Lawrence Cheung MD FRCPC FCCPHJ Cheung, L Cheung.Coaching patients throughout pulmonary function testing a practical guide.Can J Respir Ther ;.Pulmonary function tests are an essential tool to assist inside the diagnosis and management of sufferers with respiratory disease.Guaranteeing that the tests are of acceptable high-quality is very important.Acceptable pulmonary function test high quality demands, among others, optimal patient efficiency.Optimal patient functionality, in turn, calls for sufficient coaching from Sodium laureth Purity & Documentation registered respiratory therapists (RRTs) and other pulmonary function laboratory personnel.The present post supplies methods and tips to support RRTs coach individuals during testing.The authors briefly evaluation the elements of pulmonary function testing, then describe things th.