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Name :
Anti-CD38 antibody(DM28); Rabbit mAb

Uniprot ID :

Common Name :

Synonyms :
T10; cADPr hydrolase 1

Application :

Recommended Dilutions :
ELISA 1:5000-10000; Flow Cyt 1:100

Formulation &Reconstitution :
Lyophilized from sterile PBS, pH 7.4. Normally 5 % – 8% trehalose is added as protectants before lyophilization. Please see Certificate of Analysis for specific instructions of reconstitution.

Host Species :

IgG type :
Rabbit IgG

Reactivity :

Target :

Description :
Anti-CD38 antibody(DM28); Rabbit mAb

Delivery :
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Storage&Shipping :
Store at -20°C to -80°C for 12 months in lyophilized form. After reconstitution, if not intended for use within a month, aliquot and store at -80°C (Avoid repeated freezing and thawing). Lyophilized proteins are shipped at ambient temperature.

Background :
CD antigen CD38 is also known as ADP-ribosyl cyclase 1; which belongs to the ADP-ribosyl cyclase family. CD38 is expressed at high levels in pancreas; liver; kidney; brain; testis; ovary; placenta; malignant lymphoma and neuroblastoma. CD38 is a multifunctional ectoenzyme that catalyzes the synthesis and hydrolysis of cyclic ADP-ribose (cADPR) from NAD to ADP-ribose. These reaction products are essential for the regulation of intracellular Ca2 . The loss of CD38 function is associated with impaired immune responses; metabolic disturbances; and behavioral modifications. The CD38 protein is a marker of cell activation. It has been connected to HIV infection; leukemias; myelomas; solid tumors; type II diabetes mellitus and bone metabolism. CD38 has been used as a prognostic marker in leukemia.


Usage :
Research use only

Antibodies are immunoglobulins secreted by effector lymphoid B cells into the bloodstream. Antibodies consist of two light peptide chains and two heavy peptide chains that are linked to each other by disulfide bonds to form a “Y” shaped structure. Both tips of the “Y” structure contain binding sites for a specific antigen. Antibodies are commonly used in medical research, pharmacological research, laboratory research, and health and epidemiological research. They play an important role in hot research areas such as targeted drug development, in vitro diagnostic assays, characterization of signaling pathways, detection of protein expression levels, and identification of candidate biomarkers.
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